Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

(MBIE) plays a central role in shaping and delivering a strong New Zealand economy.


MBIE needed to create an online module to introduce their risk management process to employees. They wanted to create something fresh, fun and innovative that would better engage and connect with learners and show them how easy it is to incorporate risk management into their working day.


Early needs analysis revealed a couple of key points which came from the co-design session were there was a stigma within the organisation that risk was ‘boring’ and ‘always negative’. MBIE wanted to address this by showing its employees that risk could be fun and that there were times where situations could be positive. The risk team also looked at risk as being a forward-thinking role and wanted the learning to reflect this. Check out the promotional video here.


Since its launch, the module continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback. It has been completed by 25% of all MBIE staff, a rather impressive result for a module that is currently voluntary. The biggest benefit to MBIE from the Risk module is that slowly a culture of viewing risk as something to be assessed early on and hopefully, if not eliminating it, at least mitigating it will emerge.

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