Meridian is New Zealand’s
largest renewable energy generator


Meridian knows it’s their people that give them the edge. Making sure that everyone knows where they’re heading and are charged to get there is vital to maintaining a great team. To make this happen, they need to give leaders the right tools – management of performance and development needs to be simple and consistent to be effective. Of course there has to be a buzz too, because, if they’re not using it, it’s not working.


We know that online learning is the perfect tool for introducing a new way of working in an interactive and engaging way. And now you know. Through some beautiful pixel pushing and a crafted tale we produced a pretty smart module, that if we do say so ourselves, reflects perfectly of Meridians culture. It’s simple (in the best way), lively (while sticking to the story) and highly interactive. The module starts with a simple “why should I care” animated story – posing this quesiton invites the learner to come to their own conculsions. Because we learn when we feel we need to. We ask the learner to make decisions and show them the consequences of these decisions, this is the kind of involvement we call the sticky kind. We use a reference-based approach for those all-important HR policies, because we know the importance of teaching learners how to fish.

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