Transdev is a leading public transport company,
delivering top-notch transport services
across Australia and New Zealand.


There’s a team of over 4,800 Transdev employees working across water, road and rail services.

With their folks spread across Australia and New Zealand, Transdev needed a comprehensive induction to be accessed from all of their locations. This required a digital solution that was able to reach every new employee as soon as they started.



Transdev deliver over 120 million passenger journeys every year on over 1,800 vehicles and vessels. This provided a great metaphor, making the customers and their stories the basis of the online modules.
Learners could choose a mode of transport, find out the type of customers that use this mode and how all the internal functions of Transdev support the customer’s journey. This provided a customer centric way to understand the various parts of Transdev.
Given we were working closely with Transdev on their induction, they also asked us to help them with a recruitment tool. We provided an animated story which described the breadth of Transdev services and the diversity of their people.


Transdev were delighted with the results. As we provided a seamless and consistent induction experience that captured the essence of Transdev for their new hires regardless of location.


The use of real customer experiences and stories is the most effective and authentic way to connect with these new starters, making them feel at home from day one.
“We spoke about online inductions several years ago and this has fulfilled so many of the discussions at the HR level which were documented and followed up on. It certainly gives people who are being inducted a sense of what they are joining and how important their role is in the community. I really love it and just wanted to tell you how great it is.  So much better than what we have now.”

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